Unsere Künstler

Guest Artist -Klark (7-13 September)

Klark comes from Greece and he has very cool new school style.He will be with us between 4-9 May.You can check his great works on gallery and for more follow him on Instagram.

Guest Artist - Anna Karagkouni (20-30 June )- ( 1-9 August)

Anna is specialist for Polynesian ,Maori,Samoan style tribal art.And she does mostly free hand.

Cem Cengiz

Cem Cengiz is from Turkey and his style is realistic tattoos.He likes to do horror,animal and portrait realism .He does also cover ups.


Leo comes from Turkey. His style is blackwork ,sketch , realistic and watercolor sketch and ornamental..


Dimitris is very skilled artist from Greece.He has different styles as unique chaotic blackwork ,watercolorish blackwork and traditional tattoos .


Tomas is very talented artist from Czechia.He has very unique blackwork style .

Antonio Vonde

Antonio Vonde comes from Slovenia. His styles realistic , blackwork,lineworks,dotworks.


Antonio comes from Brazil originally. He does tribal art such as maori ,polynesian etc ,also he does oldschool , neotraditional and ornamental tattoos.

Simon Pedersen

Simon started his tattoo carrier at our studio in Denmark in 2011.His style is mostly realistic . He loves to do horrors.


Nelly comes from Denmark.His style is ornamental dotworks,geometric,mandala.