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Vikink Tattoo Hamburg

Kleine Reichenstrasse 5 Hamburg, 20457 Germany 
Phone: 01717597389
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11-18 Sunday: Closed

Information about our working policies and prices *We are always focus on result not on time.Every artist has different speeds when they are tattooing.So same model one artist can do in 3 hours and other artist in 6 hours.Important is a result.Therefore we dont have time limit so we can work as much as relax we can work without hurry and you dont need to worry about hourly price rates etc.

* Every artist can not do everythings.So all our artists have specialities.After we learn what style you like we will inform you which one of our artists is best for that .

*All the prices included touch up sessions *For ever booking we will arange you a design either with photoshop,E-drawing or handdrawing .It doesnt cost you extra but we only require a deposit 100 euro which will reduce from tattoo price.

*Until you are satisfied we can re-design the models so we are aware the tattoos life time and we will re-design them until you are %100 satisfied.

*We require a deposit 1/3 of the tattoo price and its non refundable in any case. We will give you giftcard equal to deposit if you inform us 7 days before about cancellation .(Also for moving appointment minimum 7 days before) *Tattoo day you will get registration and informed about aftercare process.

 Black and Grey Realistic -A5 (15x21cm ) 600-800euro -A4 (21x29cm) 900-1200 euro

Color Realistic -A5 (15x21cm ) 700-900 euro -A4 (21x29cm) 1000-1400 (Can be in 2 session)

Blackwork ,Chaotic -A5 (15x21cm ) 500-700euro -A4 (21x29cm) 800-1000euro

Sketch Style -A5 (15x21cm ) 400-600Euro -A4 (21x29cm) 700-900 euro

Ornamental ,Dotwork -A5 (15x21cm ) 600-800euro -A4 (21x29cm) 900-1200 euro

Tribal,Maori,Polynesian -A5 (15x21cm ) 600-800euro -A4 (21x29cm) 900-1200 euro

Watercolor -A5 (15x21cm ) 500-700euro -A4 (21x29cm) 800-1000euro

Oldschool Black Grey -A5 (15x21cm ) 300-500euro -A4 (21x29cm) 700-900 euro

Oldschool Color -A5 (15x21cm ) 400-600euro -A4 (21x29cm) 700-1000 euro

Newschool Black Grey -A5 (15x21cm ) 400-600euro -A4 (21x29cm) 800-1000euro

Newschool Color -A5 (15x21cm ) 600-800euro -A4 (21x29cm) 900-1200 euro

Neotraditional and Japanese Black Grey -A5 (15x21cm ) 500-700euro -A4 (21x29cm) 800-1000euro

Neotraditional and Japanese Color -A5 (15x21cm ) 600-800euro -A4 (21x29cm) 900-1200 euro

Cover up ,minimal ,geometric,Scripts,vectoral and full sleeve asian style tattoos depends on model ,size etc for , project price .



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